Benefits of the Cloud

Reduced TCO – Experience has shown that moving to the cloud can yield operational savings of at least 20%. Not only do these come from savings in direct costs, such as the provision of servers, storage and software, but also from reduced indirect costs and overheads such as staffing, power, facilities charges etc

Security & Reliability – By moving into the HiberniaEvros IaaS cloud, Organisations can now experience enterprise-class levels of security & reliability regardless of their size – something that was previously only available to large organisations with significant IT investment.

Flexibility – The demands on IT infrastructure are directly linked to the demands and needs of the business. These will increase and decline to reflect commercial realities. It is therefore critical that IT departments can match these requirements quickly and cost effectively. Moving to the cloud provides that speed and cost-effectiveness, by significantly shortening the time needed to introduce new capabilities without upfront capital investment.

Scalability – Non-cloud based infrastructures are often constrained by physical, technical or operational limitations which make it difficult to scale up to meet increased demand. Moving your infrastructure into the cloud delivers that future scalability.

Focus – As IT environments become more complex, an increasing amount of time, money and effort is being directed to routine maintenance of traditionally managed IT infrastructures – up to 70% of the IT budget in some cases. For such organisations this means that there is very little time left for strategic planning and innovation. Moving to the cloud means you now have the time to focus your efforts in these long term tasks that can deliver real benefits to your business.


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